Make a donation today to give our children HOPE over violence.  image

Make a donation today to give our children HOPE over violence.

Your financial gift will open up the opportunity for positive experiences that will last a lifetime.

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We are fundraising to provide camp scholarships to give children HOPE.

Camp Summer Quest has a history of helping children and youth overcome the fear of failure, the fear of rejection, and the fear of success. Frustration and anger are diffused when we eliminate unnecessary stressors in a child's life. One common stressor for children and families is being a struggling reader. CSQ is here to help. CSQ is a non-profit interactive reading and enrichment summer program. We give hope by helping our children overcome the challenges of reading text and understanding what they read. When we teach our children how to decode a word and target specific reading comprehension skills they suddenly realize they are bright and that learning does not have to be a chore. We also take trips outside of our neighborhoods. Once our children see a broader world they have hope. Soon, they believe they can excel in school and in life. Since CSQ provides a myriad of interactive and engaging activities our children understand the value and purpose of education. They understand education goes beyond passing a high stakes exam and getting a good paying job. Through a loving, supportive and caring environment our campers learn to dream again and know we will provide a network of support to help bring their dreams to fruition. Camp Summer Quest is a community ally for our families living in challenging times. CSQ gives HOPE.